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The role that Non-Profits play in the world today is greater than ever before, and at Time Technology we want to play our part in helping these organisations get the most from technology. 

Pledge 1% 

Salesforce were one of the founding partners of the Pledge 1% initiative, buying into the notion that pledging a small portion of future success today can have an enormous impact tomorrow.  Our Pledge 1% commitment enables us to provide Salesforce consulting services to the Non-Profit sector at a price point that is consistent with their budgets. The focus on this sector is very important to our business and the team behind it. 

Our Service 

We typically apply our 1% donation in two ways. Firstly, wherever possible we look to provide the initial analysis and requirements gathering for free. We then discount our daily rate for the delivery of our developmentcustomisation and support services.  

Salesforce provides 10 free licenses and then heavily discounts any subsequent users. This pricing provides a great opportunity to move to Salesforce, but the implementation still needs to be done correctly and our Pledge 1% commitment enables us to do this.  

Non-profit Cloud can power your entire mission by tracking and measuring impact in real time, add value to your data with AI-driven insights and take every constituent on their own personal journey.  With Salesforce you get a 360-degree view of your mission allowing you to stay close to your donors and constituents. 

Non-Profit Cloud may be the right solution right out of the box, but, depending on your business requirements, a customised implementation on the Salesforce platform might prove to be a better solution for the organisation. This enables a more bespoke solution to be created that aligns to your processes. 

Many non-profits have implemented Salesforce to improve the following key areas: 

  • Program Management 

    • Improve efficiency by automating manual processes 

  • Marketing and engagement 

    • Send tailored and relevant communications to constituents and volunteers 

  • Fundraising 

    • Track all donor and donation data in one place, with real-time reporting 


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