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Management of Change

Our Management of Change solution enables businesses to formally evaluate, authorise, document, monitor and review engineering changes made to existing assets.

Management of Change

Any organisation that manages large physical assets will be operating a Management of Change process for control of changes to these assets. In certain industries such as the Energy sector, not only will the businesses need to comply with internal standards for these changes, but they will also be subject to industry compliance requirements and standards.

The goal of the Management of Change process is to ensure that changes are carried out effectively, in a cost-effective manner and with minimal risk, while adhering to these safety standards.

In order to achieve this goal, the process should follow a Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle, with appropriate evaluation and authorisation carried out at each step of the process.

Our Solution

The Time Technology Management of Change solution takes a Change through this Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle, guiding the user through critical stage gates and enabling the business to:

  • Easily store all related information (emails, files, drawings, etc.) against the relevant Change
  • Collaborate on a Change across multiple sites and teams
  • Locate detailed information quickly and efficiently across all elements of a Change
  • Ensure that a Change is reviewed and approved by the right people at the right time
  • Integrate with back end systems as required to deliver the Change
  • Capture risk assessment and mitigation data against a Change
  • Easily identify delays or issues with Changes and intervene accordingly
  • Access extensive management information on current and historic Changes
  • Securely interface with the solution from any web-enabled device including mobile

By implementing our Management of Change solution, the business can realise the following key benefits:

  • Changes consistently adhere to defined company and industry standards
  • Quickly access all supporting documentation for Changes to demonstrate compliance
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of your team in managing Changes
  • Extensive Data analysis of historic Changes from multiple locations for best practice learnings


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