Salesforce Platform

Designing new business solutions or migrating existing applications from legacy platforms, we leverage the full capability of the Salesforce platform, elevating functionality to a new level.

Our Service

The Salesforce platform presents significant opportunities to elevate applications to a whole new level in order to deliver business value. Time Technology works hard to ensure that the solutions it develops on the platform deliver measurable benefit by:

  • Leveraging the core features of the Salesforce Platform to provide the end users with intuitive collaboration tools integrated into the solution.
  • Supporting current business processes through the smart use of Salesforce workflow and automation capabilities to maximise process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Integrated Salesforce reporting and analytics to deliver real-time business intelligence and aid decision making.

We pride ourselves on our application of robust business analysis and development techniques in order to maximise the capability of the platform whilst ensuring the solution is easy to maintain and adapt to business change. For instance, by taking a broader, business-led approach to design, we are able to identify common business objects that can be used across multiple applications to drive efficiency and minimise unnecessary work and errors.


Where migration from a legacy platform is part of the solution, we review which parts of the existing application should be replicated and where it is better to leverage out of the box Salesforce capability to elevate the application to new levels of business value. In addition, and in our opinion critical, we will ensure that the migrated solution supports current business processes. Understanding the nature of the existing solution assists hugely in this analysis and as such we are particularly well placed to help customers migrate their mission-critical applications from IBM Notes/Domino.

Our Approach

With a history of more than 20 years in developing solutions, Time Technology have built robust processes that enable us to deliver reliable solutions that delight our customers. Every project has a dedicated Project Manager who ensures that plans are created, regularly reviewed and updated as needed. We emphasise the need for regular visual reviews of progress in order to maximise the chances that we deliver a solution that fully meets our customer’s expectations and needs. We don’t deliver anything to our customers before we have carried out extensive Quality Assurance testing.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Platform Service

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