Salesforce Management

Supporting and maintaining customer environments to the highest standards by applying best practice administration techniques and standards to the Salesforce Org.

The Need

Like any technology platform, Salesforce requires on-going maintenance and support. Carrying these out as proactive activities can minimise the risk of future issues in the environment. In addition, because of the very nature of Cloud-based platforms, updates to the environment are applied by Salesforce automatically. If you have custom applications in your environment, then these must be checked to make sure that the upcoming update is not going to cause issues. Finally, creating and maintaining user profiles within Salesforce can be complex and time-consuming. Like all good outsourced services, we can take this load away from our customers, so that they can focus on adding value to the business.

Our Service

We have leveraged our 20 + years of providing Managed Services to our customers to construct a contract for Salesforce customers that delivers the following key services and is backed by appropriate service levels:

Support Service

  • The provision of a Support Service across the supported application(s) to attempt to identify the underlying Problem for a reported Incident, to resolve the Incident, and where possible, the underlying Problem.

Release Management

  • The provision of a Release Management Service that will endeavour to ensure that the supported application(s) will function correctly on the next release of the Salesforce Platform.


  • The provision of an Administration Service which, through regular checks and preventative measures, is designed to ensure that the supported application(s) continue to perform at the highest level. This activity is considered best practice by Salesforce and is essential to the on-going performance of the Supported Application(s).

User Management

  • The provision of a User Management service to ensure that users are correctly set up and maintained on the Salesforce Platform so that they can properly operate the supported application(s) as authorised.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Management Service



Optimised Salesforce environment


Reduced risk of downtime


Service levels at a fixed price

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