Salesforce Clouds

Configuring and customising Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, using our considerable business analysis and Salesforce platform experience to deliver solutions that fully support business processes.

The Clouds

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are highly popular Salesforce solutions that are served up on the Salesforce platform. Sales Cloud is focused on the management of the sales process from leads to opportunities to closure, while Service Cloud is a case management solution designed to support effective and efficient customer service. Both of these solutions are centred around the 360-degree view of the account, whether Prospect or Customer, providing all users with optimum visibility for successful and relevant role performance.

Our Service

These solutions form the basis of the standard objects provided on the Salesforce Platform (Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Solutions, Leads and Opportunities). They are highly configurable and customisable through the use of many features on the platform including security, page layouts, custom objects, lists, workflow, reporting & dashboards. Additionally, you can further customise using APEX code. Essentially, once you are conversant with these objects and features you will be able to use Salesforce to successfully drive the solutions you need.

Anyone that has worked with Salesforce before will know that there are many ways to achieve the end result they are looking for. The Salesforce certification process focuses a lot on the use of their recommended best practice for tackling different requirements. As such, working with certified specialists who apply robust business analysis techniques is critical in ensuring that you arrive at an end solution that not only delivers to your short-term needs but will also be maintainable and capable of flexing to business change.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Clouds Service



Transformative business solution


Designed to adapt to change


Adherence to Salesforce best practice

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