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Time Technology launch their new Salesforce focused website

  • 03-May-2018

Time Technology launch their brand new Salesforce focused website. Red Ant Solutions digital agency are the creative minds behind our new shop window.

A personal tale by Peter Skeffington – Managing Director of Time Technology

In line with our transition to a Salesforce consulting partner, we decided that we wanted to launch a new website supported by a revised brand that aligned better to our future with Salesforce. I was anxious to work with a 3rd party that could work closely with us beyond the launch of the website as we embrace more of a Social Media presence and broaden our reach to the USA market. Ensuring that we didn’t lose all of the knowledge that the 3rd party would gain about our business during the website development seemed like good common sense. We ended up selecting a local Digital Agency, Red Ant Solutions, because apart from having the necessary technical skills, they bought into our vision of upfront investment and long-term relationship.

We did, of course, test their commitment to the cause many times throughout the process. We obsessed about the silliest of things, whilst dumping a load of techie verbiage on them to sort out into something meaningful for our customers to find useful. I am a self-confessed marketing nightmare. I comprehend all of the principals and concepts, but as soon as I open my mouth about some part of execution, the marketing team dive for cover to protect the brand from my clumsy efforts. Having a partner that I can trust is therefore critical. What do they say – “I know 50% of my marketing spend is a waste of money, I just don’t know which 50%”.

So here we are with our site launched and our revised branding there for all to see. We are very proud of what we managed to create with Red Ant Solutions and we hope that we got the balance right between our business ethos and how it plays into why and how we go about our work, and the somewhat dry reality of describing what we actually do.

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